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Kynetx app ideas

This is largely a response to Mike Grace’s post this morning about some ideas he has for Kynetx apps. The first few are my take on his ideas, and the rest are some of my own ideas.

  • Goodreads integration with (from Mike) I really like this idea. I've been wanting to do some Kynetx apps with the Goodreads API myself, such as an annotator to allow you to add books directly from there to your Goodreads shelves. However, due to some current limitations in KNS, it doesn't seem like I can write an app that uses the necessary OAuth to talk to the API. Hopefully that will be implemented someday.
  • Google Reader suggestions (from Mike) I like this idea too. I have my own mental process for pruning out the articles that seem least relevant to me. But there's definitely an advantage to automating that. Louis Gray and my6sense have been doing some great work in that area. The problem is that I rarely read my RSS feeds on my phone, so I can't use any of their technology. I've also tried using PostRank, a Chrome plugin for Google Reader, but that isn't helpful in determining what's relevant to me. A Kynetx app would be the perfect solution.
  • Google Calendar/Twilio/email integration I wrote a bit about this one on Twitter a few months ago. My old boss wanted me to clock in within 15 minutes of my scheduled time every day. If there was ever a change to my schedule, he wanted an email informing him of such. I keep all that data up to date in a Google Calendar anyway, so I found it tedious to have to send him email as well. I'd like to build a Kynetx app that lets me watch my Google Calendar and send out notifications of various kinds (Twitter, SMS (Twilio), email, etc.) when something changes.
  • Twitter bot I have a Kindle, which has the ability to post my notes and annotations to Twitter and Facebook when I want. It has one problem, however. If I just highlight a piece of text that I want to share (quote, as it were), all it puts in the tweet is a link to view the quote on Amazon's site. I want to write a Kynetx app that watches my Twitter stream (or perhaps that of another account I own dedicated to my Kindle) that can then read the quote I posted and repost it in a more reader-friendly format. This would also be a nice way to send my Kindle annotations as quotes to Goodreads, something I currently cannot do.

There are some ideas. What do you think?