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Do you ever use or IMDB to look for a movie you want to watch? How many times have you wanted to know the Rotten Tomatoes ratings for a movie you were considering at the Redbox?

Enter TomatoFlix.

I wrote an app using Kynetx that takes advantage of the Rotten Tomatoes API and displays ratings on the movie detail pages of your favorite websites. Part of this I did for the Kynetx developer contest last week, but I didn’t get very far. It only worked on Netflix, and it wasn’t very pretty. Tonight I had some free time, so I improved the UI and added four more sites: IMDB, Redbox, Fandango, and

Here’s what it looks like for Tangled on IMDB:

If you’re a frequent moviegoer or movie renter, this is definitely worth checking out.

Find the app here on the Kynetx marketplace: TomatoFlix.