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In A Beginning

NOTE: This is the original first post on Instance Variable. I thought I’d leave it here, for old time’s sake.

One of these times I will remember what I had wanted to write on this blog to share with the world. But for now, I’ll just make introductions.

I’m a Latter-day Saint attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. That whole experience has given me much food for thought, and perhaps I will write some of that here.

The title of this blog [my other blog] comes from a programming contest I was in a few years ago with the BYU ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). I was the only programmer on the team of two, so we didn’t do very well. But that was the name I chose for the team. It’s a programming term that nobody would actually use. (It has to do with object-oriented programming.)

And the title of this post comes from the lesson in my Old Testament class this afternoon. Bro. Wilson mentioned that the correct translation for the first verse of Genesis 1 is “in a beginning,” not “in the beginning.” Eternity has no beginning and end, but this earth had a beginning.

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