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Xfce desktop environment

screenshot2.pngI started using the Xfce desktop environment under Ubuntu the other day and have loved it so far. GNOME is a bit too heavyweight for me, so I’ve been using Fluxbox for a few months. It’s lightning fast and really slick, but there’s no eye candy whatsoever.

So the other day I decided to download Xfce and try it out. It looks quite similar to GNOME but runs a lot faster. It’s much easier to customize than fluxbox and it supports my keyboard metakeys much better. Plus the eye candy is great without taking too much toll on the speed. I really like the themes, too. (There are even some windows-esque ones.) And everything runs just as well or better under Xfce as it did under fluxbox.

Another cool feature is the ability to create multiple “sessions” or startup profiles. You can set Xfce to prompt you for which session you want when you log in. So I can create one for play, one for work, and one with nothing special.

So there you have some ramblings about the wonders of Xfce.

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