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CS 462: In conclusion

This week concludes my time as the TA for Phil Windley’s CS 462 class on distributed system design. I thoroughly enjoyed the class itself, as well as the opportunity and responsibility to help the students and manage the class project. It has been a growing experience for me. Giving the lab review lectures every few weeks stretched my presentation skills and forced me to improve them. Helping students individually has increased my ability to explain difficult concepts in an understandable way.

I loved learning the material and building the project myself and then watching the students learn and build it themselves. It has been a rewarding experience in every way. I’ve also grown to love these guys; seeing them hand in the final tonight and walk out of the room was a bit saddening. I’ve built friendships that will last for a long while yet.

I’d like to say to Phil Windley and to all the CS 462 students, thank you for letting me be your TA and learn with you. It has been a marvelous experience for me, and I hope it has been good for you. Best wishes!

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