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Rosetta Selection

I wrote a Kynetx app this weekend that lets you translate any text you select on a web page into English: Rosetta Selection.

Sometimes I’m reading a page that is mostly in English but has a French phrase or a Spanish quote. Since I only know a few words of those languages, I have wanted to translate that text into English. Going to isn’t hard, but it’s inconvenient. I lose some of the context of what I was reading.

Google has an API for Translate. A few weeks ago, I wrote a KRL module for that API. Rosetta Selection is the first app I’ve written that makes use of that module.

Rosetta Selection lets you select any text on a web page and press Ctrl+Alt+R. It sends that text through the Google Translate API and shows you the translation in a popup in the upper right corner of the page. Easy as that!

Go install it in the KBX now!

This is still the first iteration. I’d like to make some UI improvements and add some configuration options. What improvements or options would you like to see?

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